Welcome to Warriorsedge Boxing Gym! We are located in El Paso, Texas.Our gym teaches basic boxing skills and techniques designed to help others build a healthier life style. We offer boxing classes for kids, boxing classes for adults, and one on one private lessons. WEB Boxing welcomes fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. We have created an atmosphere where people can have fun accomplishing any personal goals they may have.


Luis "Tree" Trevino




 OWNER/ TRAINER;  Luis Trevino also known to all as "Tree" founded Warriorsedge Boxing team in 2010. He also the creator of the mega Law Enforcement/ Fire event called Clash of the Titans. Which is a Boxing event involving all law enforcement and Fire agencies; Its boxing for Charity!!!. With all proceeds going to organizations like March of Dimes, Morale Welfare Committees and Golden Gloves. Also he created the On-line magazine -boxing news source the Boxing Reporter. 


Luis is a certified USA and International instructor. He holds licenses as USA Boxing coach, Personal Trainer , Pressure Point Control Tactics, Ground Avoidance Ground Escape, Kids trainer, Impact Weapons and is a Certified Pro Cut man. He has traveled to Europe ( Berlin, London & Denmark) and Monterrey, Mexico to work the corner of 5-Time world champion De Marcus Corley . He is also a Tactical instructor and is a member of the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association. He has traveled and continues to visit South America (Brasil) to teach tactics to officers involved in security for the World Cup and the up-coming Olympics in Brasil. Tree is a Current Law Enforcement Officer/Academy instructor. He has professionally announced big fights for Time warner, ESPN Deportes, Showtime Boxing and Zeferino Entertainment.

Claudia Trevino

CEO/OWNER;  Claudia is the Vice President of Operations for Warriorsedge Boxing promotions. Maintains all records. She is our liason to our clients.

Claudia has a Pharmaceutical Degree and works for the school district.  

 Luis Jr. Trevino

 HEAD TRAINER ; Luis is a head trainer, and assists in the gym in classes from Adults to Kids. He is a certified personal trainer. He also trains with the Kids 1 on 1 sessions. He is a student at Hanks High School and is working hard to attend college and earning a Sports Medicine degree. He also Competes in Several marathons. In 2014 he placed 2nd in the Grueling, Tough Transmountain Challenge. 

 Sergio "tocayo" Collazo


Sergio is  WEBs facilitator and gym coordinator. Assist in the daily operations of the gym and Special Events.  He helps the fight team with equipment and logistics for the team. His profession is a Land Surveyor.   

  Herman Delgado



Herman is Head coach at WEB gym and focuses on developing all kids in all aspects of the sweet science. He is also chief photojournalist for the Boxing Reporter and is also the 2nd voice on the WEB BOXING 101 PODCAST!

Herman also was a Professional Prize fighter . A native El Pasoen and only True El Paso HEAVY WEIGHT. He has fought fighters like: Vitali Klitschko, Hasim Rahman and Ike Ibeabuch .


 Richard Lujan




Richard is Assistant coach for the boxing team. He also is a photographer for the Boxing reporter.

Richard is a Current Law Enforcement officer

  Daniel "DJ" Vasquez



DJ, Has been there since the beginning! Was one of the

C0-founders of the Clash of the Titans and assisted with the opening of Warriorsedge gym back in 2009 when it all got started in a garage.  He plays a vital and very important role to the Clash of the Titans boxing event. He is WEBs matchmaker and Fighter liaison to the Clash. He is a Law Enforcement officer.     


Value Statement

Mission Statement

Warriorsedge Boxing Gym and Promotions values the trust our clients has given us and will honestly and ethically carry out our responsibilities.



Warriorsedge Boxing Gym and Promotions, as part of, and empowered by the community, is committed to:

* Provide quality training service in partnership with our Local Boxing Commission (LBC).

* That all of our Coaches and Fighters adhere to all rules and regulations of USA Boxing.

* Maintain a high level of integrity and work ethic

To fulfill our mission, we will strive to attain the highest degree of ethical behavior and professional conduct at all times.