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Day times- Monday thru Friday  at 8:00 am-11:00 am 

Evening times-Monday thru Friday  at 6:00 pm-9:00 pm  



SATURDAYS: Open Gym  9-12:00 am



MEMBERSHIP  IS ONLY  $ 75.00 a Month  

Personal One on One Training : SEE BELOW  FOR PRICING

Non-Member daily fee ONLY $5.00 (No Contract)

Kids under the age of  7 will be required to be on the Personal Training fees.

All  membership require 1 time $40 initiation fee & 6 month contract

Glove Rental fee of $5.00


Recurring Payment

All memberships and membership payments are automatically recurring. This means that one month after you sign up you will be charged for another full month unless you cancel your membership (see cancellation information below).

Payment Date

Payment date will be the same as your sign up date and will reoccur every month.


Cancellation must be in writing sent via email only. Any cancellation will go into effect the same day; there is no waiting period. Because membership payments are automatically recurring and since we do not offer refunds (see below) it is up to you to cancel any memberships you do not want to pay for.


We do not offer refunds for any services. This includes, but is not limited to, membership dues and personal training. Our cancellation policy is the best in the state and there are no fees or waiting periods. Because of this, and because of the very small size of our business, we cannot offer refunds for unused memberships. Please remember that any membership you sign up for will automatically renew unless you specifically cancelled it via email (see above). However if you have requested a cancellation via email and we did not process it in time (e.g. your bill date is the 7th and you requested a cancellation on the 6th and still were billed on the 7th), then that charge will be corrected;otherwise, no refunds are available.

1-on-1 Personal  Training

​Just you and your coach, no sharing your time, personal hands on training.

      Do it For...

  • Self Defense

  • Fitness and Tone

  • Weight Loss (big time weight loss)

  • Endurance and Agility

  • Strength

  • Stress Release

  • Sport Enhancement

 All you need are your own 180" handwraps bring water, towel, and a good attitude!


​​There are many of you out there that are into boxing, or are just curious and probably would like to test the waters. Everyone is welcome, from the basic beginner just starting out, all the way up to the advanced boxer preparing for a fight. ​Whether you do it for fitness or competition, Warriorsedge Boxing will give you their best.

Be prepared to glove up and hit it hard!

For 1-on-1 Training you can be as young as 7 yrs old.​

Kids under the age of  7 will be required to be on the Personal Training fees.


RATES:  One Hour  $50.00

PACKAGE of 5 sessions : $45.00  per session

PACKAGE of 10 sessions : $40.00 per session 


Join the WEB Boxing Team

If you are interested in competing, sparring and being part of the WEB team and taking your skills to the next level consider joining the team.

The team is assigned to dedicated boxing coaches. The Coaches  will work with you and get you ready to compete in local and state tournaments.

Are you up to the Challenge?

Cost:  Stop  by the gym to see options  



Boxing Open Gym
Use all equipment in the gym like it was your home. Come in everyday on designated times and days!
Cost: $ 75.00 a month (6 month contract) 



WEB Mentorship Program

We provide the youth an outlet through boxing, rigorous
fitness conditioning, and a mentor program that helps them
develop mental toughness and teaches them how to be more


"Our dream is to take every young man and every boy out of a Gang, off probation and take them from becoming a tax burden to a contributing positive tax member of society"  L.Trevino-WEB President


Warriorsedge Boxing gym (WEB) was created to give the youth a place to come to and have an outlet to learn Boxing, train hard in Conditioning, and to have a strong mentor as a leader to teach them life skills that they can use in their daily life.

The youth now days are smarter and have more resources available but also lack the guidance and direction that they really need. Here at WEB, we offer a structured environment with classes that will push them past their typical limits. We provide training that will help them focus on becoming stronger and expect better things from themselves.

The Youth will also get  hands on experience and also will be shown how mental toughness in fitness will carry over to life which will help them get through tough times and situations.

For more information, how someone can qualify  

Please call. Our program is FREE 



Accepting Donations ! 

Corporate Group Classes/Events: 
Do you need to strengthen your corporate team?  Are you searching for an activity the whole family/office/team can enjoy?  Do you want a fun and active way to celebrate a birthday or other milestone?  Are you looking for ways to keep your sports team fit in the off-season (or give them a cross-training break from their normal workouts)?
Warriorsedge offers CORPORATE TEAM TRAINING'S for team building, Fundraiser events, Company parties, Leadership seminars, Toy drives...etc :

Honors Package includes:

  • Rental of gym for up to 4hrs. 

  • 1 Personal Trainer to assist you in Classes and/or Motivational speaker

  • Boxing equipment-Gloves 

  • Tables & Chairs

  • Grill/ Trailer smoker (bring your own food & drinks for guests and clients) 



Email us or call us at 915-740-4744 and The Warriorsedge Team will tailor a workout (or series of workouts) just for your group! Group Workouts can range from 3 participants on up.  Discounts are available for schools and other qualified groups. We have certified Leadership  Instructor's to motivate, train and lecture your team.   





Boxing Open Gym-$5 daily training 
Use all equipment in the gym like it was your home. Come in everyday on designated times and days!
Cost: $ 5.00 a day -NO CONTRACT ATTACHED !!  



“ The gym is well equipped, it has everything to help you succeeded for competition. I am boxer and really enjoy the gym. It has great trainers and coachesThank you 

Adriel / Student athlete  

“ I have been to other local gyms, and what makes this gym different is the staff/trainers. They all care for you and help you. Very good Customer service. Thank you WEB Team."

Martinez / City of EP / Police Officer

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